Ramblings of an Aussie Headphone
Youtube: Day Sun

People are actually really awesome and amazing. Just the things people come up with to entertain others via youtube. Whether it’s Vlogging, making music or just about anything people can be really creative and make something amazing. This is a belief that I have formed through several hours of procrastinating and watching youtube. After watching some of these videos I sort of wish that I could do something like that but I would probably get bored after a week of making videos. 

That is why instead of making my own videos I will be releasing my top ten ideas for making youtube videos so that someone else might find some inspiration and I don’t really have to do anything. I have have said previously in other posts, these will be released at the end of my week of youtube posts. Only a few days away.

On another note I need to buy a hat. Just cause hats are cool. That’s just what’s happening in my life. Umm… also I have my ticket to go see switchfoot. Very excited to go and see them again. Last time I saw them it was in the middle of a flood. It made the mosh pit interesting.

Apparently Tony Hawk is in the city tomorrow which would be interesting except I have to go to work. Would’ve been awesome to go see him. I don’t really have anything else to say, that’s about it for my day. So, yeah cool. See ya.


Youtube: Day Two

Yesterday I was cruising around the tubes, watching some stuff and keeping myself entertained. I managed to come across this music video called Dinosaur Laser Fight and I have not stopped singing it all day. It is one of the most random songs I have heard in a long time but the tune is so catchy you just have to sing along.

The fact that I was singing this at work got me a bunch of weird looks along with the weird looks that I already get. But yeah this was probably the high of my day. Not much happening in the way of fun or interesting stuff. That’s about all I have to say for now. Sorry it’s so short but it’s hard to write stuff about youtube, it’s more of a watching thing. I am started to regret the idea of having a week of youtube related posts. Anyway I will make sure tomorrow is better. Ok well have a nice time.


Youtube: Day 1

Well it’s now 1632 hours on a Wednesday and I  have to go to work soon but I’ll spend some time doing this for whoever is reading. As promised this is the first day of my week of youtube related posts. 

A few weeks back I was just roaming around youtube trying to find something interesting to watch. Unfortunately the majority of the time was spent watching videos that were absolutely useless. That was until I found a channel call hiimrawn. He has several rap videos about video games and these videos are done really well. Here’s the link to his pokemon rap so watch it now. http://www.youtube.com/user/hiimrawn?feature=g-user-f#p/u/19/DCYnTLLb1oA

This is jut one of the videos that are awesome, another good one is the sonic video. One of the big reasons I like it might just be because of the nostalgicness of pokemon and sonic etc. Anyway this guy did a part in a parody video of like a boss. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWriQKEUzCI&src_vid=DCYnTLLb1oA&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_296867

I like this one because this is how I see the world. It seems totally logical to me that video game bosses would just meet up and have a barbeque. You could just imagine the conversations between these guys. 

Robotnik: Ahh so how’s the wife wily

Wily: Just fine, but I’m have problems with Megaman again. He’s got in the way of my plans

Robotnik: I thought you squashed that guy last game.

Wily: Apparently not

Robotnik: Haha you should try using more robots.

Wily: Why? It’s not like they’ve helped in catching sonic.

I don’t know. Probably along those lines or something. Either way it would be pretty awesome to go to a villan party.

Anyway that’s all I have time for today because I’m off to work. Enjoy the rest of your day and have fun


Major Gas

It is now 0015 hours on a Wednesday so I will tell you about my yesterday. I spent a large part of my day at University at my anatomy classes. In the prac rooms there are several TV sets around the lab but usually they aren’t turned on. But today was different. Today they were playing a slide show of random facts about the human anatomy. The fact that I thought was the most amusing was that if a single person passed gas for six years straight, then they would have created enough energy to be equivalent to an atom bomb. So after a day at uni the only thing I got from it was that farts are powerful.

Not only did this fact lead to several jokes amongst the group I was working with but it also reminded me of a movie I had watched several years ago called Thunderpants. In brief, this movie is about a kid who constantly passes wind and someone invented a box that stored his gas. This somehow leads to the kid needing to get into space and when in space people can hear the high pitch noise of his farts from the earth.

The funniest part about this movie was that a group of people actually thought that this would be a solid storyline for a movie. I hope the guy who came up with this movie got a pay rise before they got fired after the movie made little or no profit. In general this isn’t a good movie so don’t watch it. Anyway that was just a part of my day so we will see what the next brings.

For the next 7 days my posts are going to youtube related in some way, and on the seventh day I will post my top ten ideas for a youtube channel. Just a heads up on what I’m planning. 

Enjoy your tomorrows and I will catch you later.


Unnecessary Whooper Cheese

This will probably be a short one today because it’s late and I have Uni tomorrow. There isn’t really much to talk about anyway, not much has been happening. Umm, well today the only thing I really did today was go to work and then spend the rest of my day either on the computer or watching TV. That’s just how life goes these days.

It has come to my attention that back in the day (not that long ago) when I couldn’t be bothered answering someone’s question properly or I didn’t know the answer, even if I was just bored I would say pie. Just looking back to when I did that I just think that people must have thought that I was an idiot. It would be interesting to know if other people actually did this sort of thing to but the word change depending on where they were from. Since I am Australian and the meat pie is a big thing here someone from America may say hotdog or a person from Hawaii could say coconut. I don’t know it’s probably just me.

Ahh I just lost my train of thought because some rubbish song came on and I had to change it. You may not realise this but metalcore can lighten the mood. Going from a boring prodigy song to Underoath can be very good.

Well this wasn’t that short but it was alright for a boring day. Tomorrow I have a full day at University so maybe I will have some interesting stories at the end of the day. Till then, have a good one.


You’re foot’s name is Grant?

Oooooooooooooooooooooo……k lets see how this goes. Since I am doing anatomy during the summer semester of university I have come to the realisation that I take my feet for granted. And it’s not just my feet, it’s just about everything. It’s starting to have an effect on how I view this life.

A relative point came to attention during the church service tonight (Yes, I am a christian and if I have something to say about my religion then I will, this will probably happen on a Sunday after church). The sermon mentioned that we as a people should follow gods lead and show love and compassion to those who do not have the same opportunities as us. An example of this is the problems coke is causing the people of India whilst they exploit them for financial gain. The least we can do for those less fortunate is to stop creating the demand for the product. 

This leads me back to my original point that I take my feet, and the rest of my body, as granted (You may not see the link between the two points but it makes sense to me). How could someone believe in evolution. Every part of the body plays its part, even the smallest bones, muscles and veins. Everything works to perfection. How could this come to be from mere chance. This has to have been the plan of a creator. 

I used to not like studying anatomy because it was hard and time consuming, but after this lesson I see studying anatomy as more of an opportunity to study the perfect invention.

Well that’s all I have to say for today. I hope this amount of religious talk want cause people to tune out but I think it is something important that I needed to write down.


Dinosaur Church

The last few weeks for me have been extremely boring. I have had nothing to do but work and study. Thankfully these weeks have given me plenty of time to contemplate the important things in life, such as what it would be like if Dinosaurs had religion.

What if, what we thought was history is actually false. I now picture dinosaurs as intelligent creatures that could effectively talk to each other and went to church. The brachiosaurous…. umm brakiosaurous, whatever the one that looks like an oversized giraffe. It could have been the preacher with a choir of velocorapters behind it. Oh the sweet music. The poor, misrepresented T-Rex would be at the back trying to be cool. Really all it wanted to do was play the piano in church but it could not reach the keys because it has such short arms. You could use your imagination for the rest of the dinosaurs.

Well that’s pretty much what has been keeping me entertained for awhile but hopefully life will be a bit more fun soon.