Ramblings of an Aussie Headphone
Youtube: Day Sun

People are actually really awesome and amazing. Just the things people come up with to entertain others via youtube. Whether it’s Vlogging, making music or just about anything people can be really creative and make something amazing. This is a belief that I have formed through several hours of procrastinating and watching youtube. After watching some of these videos I sort of wish that I could do something like that but I would probably get bored after a week of making videos. 

That is why instead of making my own videos I will be releasing my top ten ideas for making youtube videos so that someone else might find some inspiration and I don’t really have to do anything. I have have said previously in other posts, these will be released at the end of my week of youtube posts. Only a few days away.

On another note I need to buy a hat. Just cause hats are cool. That’s just what’s happening in my life. Umm… also I have my ticket to go see switchfoot. Very excited to go and see them again. Last time I saw them it was in the middle of a flood. It made the mosh pit interesting.

Apparently Tony Hawk is in the city tomorrow which would be interesting except I have to go to work. Would’ve been awesome to go see him. I don’t really have anything else to say, that’s about it for my day. So, yeah cool. See ya.