Ramblings of an Aussie Headphone
Unnecessary Whooper Cheese

This will probably be a short one today because it’s late and I have Uni tomorrow. There isn’t really much to talk about anyway, not much has been happening. Umm, well today the only thing I really did today was go to work and then spend the rest of my day either on the computer or watching TV. That’s just how life goes these days.

It has come to my attention that back in the day (not that long ago) when I couldn’t be bothered answering someone’s question properly or I didn’t know the answer, even if I was just bored I would say pie. Just looking back to when I did that I just think that people must have thought that I was an idiot. It would be interesting to know if other people actually did this sort of thing to but the word change depending on where they were from. Since I am Australian and the meat pie is a big thing here someone from America may say hotdog or a person from Hawaii could say coconut. I don’t know it’s probably just me.

Ahh I just lost my train of thought because some rubbish song came on and I had to change it. You may not realise this but metalcore can lighten the mood. Going from a boring prodigy song to Underoath can be very good.

Well this wasn’t that short but it was alright for a boring day. Tomorrow I have a full day at University so maybe I will have some interesting stories at the end of the day. Till then, have a good one.